About Duane L. Eaks

Duane is part of a new generation of distinctive portrait & figure photographers - especially in portraying the male image. In addition he has recently discovered the joy of photographing the people and sites in Vietnam & Cambodia.

Duane first fell in love with photography when he purchased his first 35mm camera when he was in secondary school. He concentrated on photographing school events, family and the beautiful landscapes of Colorado where he grew up. He has a BA degree in Chemistry, MA in Counselling & Guidance and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. Duane moved to Melbourne in Australia in 1972 to train primary school teachers. He was a Senior Lecturer for 20 years and then became Director of the Counselling Department of RMIT University for 5 years.

His real passion for photography began when he joined the Ivanhoe Photographic Society in 1991 and was President for 12 years. He has had numerous photographic awards nationally & internationally including two gold medals in 2009 & one in 2010 from the National Australian Photographic Society Competitions. Duane has been the photographer for the Dee Jay sportswear company in Adelaide since 2000 and photographed several dress rehearsals of the Australian Opera. He has been doing photographic work for the Bendigo Bank in Heidelberg and Ivanhoe for the last several years. Interested clients are invited to contact Duane. He continues to live in Melbourne enjoying his photography even more since retiring in 2001 from RMIT University.

Duane Eaks Self Portrait